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Our Legacy: Founded by Practitioners,
for Practitioners

Helping health care professionals access better tools and better training for better patient outcomes and successful clinical practices.

Rooted in the practitioner's quest to improve their knowledge and skills.

In our over 40 combined years practicing acupuncture we have always struggled to find quality, consistent needles that are manufactured to a high standard, as well as useable education that is immediately applicable in the clinic.

We are not just practitioners but are actively providing professional development through courses and lectures – sharing a love of the work and for helping others get better at what they do.

That is why we founded Legacy.

✅ We use our deep cross-disciplinary clinical experience to carefully source the best needles, complmentary products, and professional development when they exist, and partner with manufacturers and instructors to design and build them, to our specifications, when they do not.

 ✅ As practitioners, we understand the tools used and how to improve them and the gaps in training and how to enhance them. That means access to better training, better tools, and better techniques resulting in superior clinical outcomes and more successful practices.

✅ Our first tool is the Legacy all-purpose acupuncture needle. We are also making available training materials that we would enjoy and appreciate. Our journey is just beginning as we will be introducing more complimentary products and additional professional development over time.

✅ Professionals of all backgrounds can rely on Legacy for effective clinical tools, skills, and knowledge to deliver superior patient and practice outcomes


Adam French, L.Ac.

Adam has been practicing in Northern New York since 2004. In addition to graduating from Southwest Acupuncture College, he has completed the McMasters Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and Neurofunctional Sports Performance programs in Hamilton, ON.

Adam’s focus is on treating MSK/Pain/Orthopedics using neurofunctional acupuncture, trigger points, dry needling, EXSTORE assessment, electro-acupuncture, and distal acupuncture. In 2016 Adam began teaching and assisting in various Chinese Medicine That Works seminars, including co-teaching the Dry Needling seminars and assisting with the Needling Skills and Anthony Lombardi’s EXSTORE seminars.

Always looking to improve the tools that an Acupuncturist uses, Adam brought together Legacy Acupuncture Supplies and was at the forefront of developing the Legacy acupuncture needle. He is also working on sourcing other higher quality products as well.

Combining his love of travel and Chinese medicine, Adam has traveled to over 30 countries and participated in volunteer acupuncture trips to Nepal.

Danielle Barker, L.Ac.

Danielle is a 2010 graduate of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine and practiced in Westport, Connecticut. Danielle helped run a large continuing education company and attended numerous Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine seminars throughout the United States and in Ireland. During this time, Danielle experienced first-hand the benefits of highly effective continuing education in transforming practitioners’ practices and lives. Danielle brings her experience of running a practice and a continuing education company to Legacy, where she also helped develop the Legacy Needle.

Joshua Swart, L.Ac.

A licensed acupuncturist and 2002 graduate from The New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY, Joshua has practiced for 17 years in Central New York. He has studied various acupuncture styles of acupuncture, including motor points, EXSTORE, electro-acupuncture, distal acupuncture including Dr. Tan and Master Tung, and many more. In addition to organizing and running seminars through a continuing education company he founded, Joshua has also taught Needling Skills live seminars.

During his time in practice and organizing seminars, Joshua experienced the many issues with the available Acupuncture needles we see today. In addition to lack of consistent quality, he found that he often had to use different brands of needles for different types of needling, which resulted in having to order from different companies. For example, using an Orthopedic style of needling versus distal acupuncture would require a different brand of needle. It soon became apparent that there was a need for a single, quality brand of needle that works well for all needling types and disciplines. Working with Adam and Danielle, the Legacy Needle was born.

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