Introduction to Legacy

The Search for the Ideal Needling Needle is at the Heart of the Founding of Legacy

Our humble beginnings are rooted in the needling professionals’ quest to improve their knowledge, develop stronger healing skills, deliver better patient outcomes, and build more successful practices. As practitioners, that was our journey for years. From this journey was born Legacy Acupuncture Supplies.  This is the story of the development of the needles at the heart of those clinical experiences. So critical to the success of patient care and practitioner comfort.

Our journey began with conversations between practicing acupuncturists and future Legacy founders Adam, Danielle, and Joshua.  All of us where not just practitioners but were actively providing professional development through courses and lectures – sharing a love of the work and for helping others get better at what they do. We also shared a dissatisfaction with many of the needling products currently available.

Those early conversation quickly turned to needles. Something we all considered central to acupuncture and other needling modalities.  At the top of our list in those days was consistent quality – from needle-to-needle and box-to-box. We were looking for something that ensured patient safety, maximized patient and practitioner comfort, and was able to bridge between the treatment needs of acupuncture and other varying needle styles and techniques.

With the conviction that a better needle was out there, the search was on for a supplier that could offer a higher-level needling solution to compliment the gold standard professional development teaching for which we strived. We wanted the equivalent commitment from a needle manufacturing company.

There are only a few companies who distribute needles in North America and as we investigated them, we determined that while acceptable, for one reason or another they did not check off all the boxes we were looking for in a needle. We knew we needed to think outside the box.

After multiple conversations with other industry professionals to determine what was being used and what the common ground was for needling products in the United States. We came across an international premium needle supplier that had entered the U.S market in 2014 with a dry needling needle. We reached out see if they could produce a needle that meet our specifications.

Quickly the dream became a reality as we worked through our needle criteria and the manufacturing partner was able to align solutions to our needs.  This was the start of the Legacy acupuncture needle and the founding of Legacy. They are made from carefully sourced Japanese stainless steel through a manufacturing process that includes 14 quality assurance steps over the industry standard 7 to ensure consistent quality. The needles feature a full parylene green chemistry coating and longer, thicker spring type handles without loops for better patient and practitioner comfort and safety. All-purpose enough to be the cover most, if not all needling treatments.

We didn’t stop there.  We did our own diligent clinical testing with prototypes and initial production runs and sought broader input from our practitioner colleagues. The feedback has all been positive.

Legacy’s first product is a cornerstone range of needles designed and built in collaboration with a world leading needle manufacturer that will enable clinicians to deliver a near pain free patient experience and become more confident in their techniques and skills for more effective patient outcomes and ultimately, more successful practices.

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