Legacy Acupuncture Supply

Like Most Things, With Acupuncture Needles You Get What You Pay For

Saving 2 cents a needle sacrifices a lot in quality

At our core, we at Legacy are acupuncturists. While practicing, we faced the gamut of challenges finding quality needles. We experienced inconsistency with sharpness. We found boxes of needles with no tips and sharp burrs on the handles. We dealt with needles that had low quality or incomplete coating, which added friction and stickiness when trying to needle to depth. Overall, we were using needles that you could not depend on for a consistent patient or practitioner experience.

We grew tired of inconsistent and low-quality needles. So, we embarked on the incredibly exciting, yet difficult, journey of designing and manufacturing our own needles with the goal of raising the quality bar of acupuncture needles.

Unfortunately, the timing was not in our favor. Launching a business (and new product) during a pandemic added extra challenges. Two major impacts we experienced were incredible delays and massive material and shipping price increases, both of which can also be seen in almost every industry the world over. Throughout this experience though, we were not willing to give up our use of high quality materials

With those values in mind, here are three reasons why the Legacy needle brings the best value and quality to the market:

1.  Legacy has more quality checkpoints than other needle manufacturers, with 16 quality assurance steps. Those extra steps take more time and more labor.

  • What other manufacturers do: The industry standard of 7
  • What Legacy needles bring to the practitioner: Consistent quality with fewer defects for needles that perform as expected – every time

2.  We use the highest quality, medical grade Japanese stainless steel.

  • What other manufacturers do: Source inferior metal, often industrial steel.
  • What Legacy brings to the practitioner: Stronger, smoother needles that don’t break and are easier for insertion and manipulation for all styles of needling.

3. We use a green Parylene coating over the entire shaft of the needle that is safe for the environment and the body.

  • What other manufacturers do: Coat only a portion of the shaft and use a less optimal coating such as silicone
  • What Legacy brings to the practitioner: A smoother, more painless insertion, with more comfortable manipulation over the entire length of the needle shaft

The acupuncture needle is the most important tool we use in a treatment room. In our experience, most practitioners use between 4 needles to 20 needles in a treatment. So even on the higher end, if a practitioner uses 20 needles per treatment, they will be spending less than $1 in needles per treatment (when using our boxes of 1000 needles). We believe this is a small expense given the consistent quality and increased treatment comfort for you and your patients. And we think after you try them, you’ll agree!

For more information on the Legacy Needle, visit https://legacyacusupply.com/tools/