Legacy Acupuncture Supply

The Best Needle
for All Your Treatments

Practitioners want needles that have consistent feel and quality. They want needles that ensure patient safety, maximize patient comfort, and can bridge between the treatment needs of different techniques.

Japanese stainless steel
  • Remains sharp from factory to patient, and through needle stimulation
  • Better and more successful stimulation of the point
Full parylene coating
  • Easier insertions that get to the point faster
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use in the human body
  • No left-over residue
  • Stays lubricated
Longer, spring type conductive handle with no loop
  • Better grip for easy manipulation
  • More comfortable for free-hand and tube insertions
  • Usable for electro-stimulation
  • Suitable for Moxibustion without melting

Leading global manufacturer

Legacy partnered with a global leading manufacturer who adheres to best practices for the design and build of our premium acupuncture needles. The needles start with high-grade unmixed steel from Japan, have a paralyne coating that is not harmful to the environment or to patients, and are manufactured with 16 quality assurance steps compared to the industry standard of 7.


  • Less need to switch needles for different techniques and styles
  • Consistent quality with fewer defects for needles that perform as expected – every time
  • Greater patient and practitioner comfort and safety
  • Better return on needle investment


We use our deep cross-disciplinary clinical experience to carefully source the best needles,
complimentary products and professional development when they exist, and partner with
manufacturers and instructors to design and build them, to our specifications, when they do not.

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