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Welcome Peter Dorsher, MSc, MD, to Legacy Education!

Peter Dorsher, Msc, MD

Legacy Acupuncture Supply is excited to announce that Peter Dorsher will be offering continuing education through Legacy Education!  Peter’s extensive, 30 year history in Acupuncture research has provided the profession with invaluable information, references, and resources that have greatly expanded the understanding, legitimacy, and acceptance of Acupuncture throughout the West. Please join our upcoming webinar with Peter! Details below.

Title: Physical Examination Evidence of Acupuncture Principal Meridian Six Stages Coupling
Date: 10/6/21
Time: 8:00pm EST

In his first webinar, we introduce Peter Dorsher, MSc, MD, of East-West Integrative Education and Mayo Clinic Emeritus, and learn about his extensive background in Acupuncture Research. After, Peter will discuss his pilot study that demonstrated, for the first time, physiologic evidence of 6 Stages Primary Channel coupling (LI-ST Yang Ming), with physical examination (strength) evidence of Yang Ming coupling that is statistically and clinically significant. The implications for acupuncture mechanisms will be discussed as well as supplementary evidence that these physical examination effects can be replicated with direct acupuncture point stimulation. This webinar will enlighten the practitioner on the possible mechanisms of how acupuncture, and in particular, distal acupuncture, works to improve function.

Make sure you register early, and Zoom will send you a reminder as we get close to the day.

About Peter Dorsher, Msc, MD:
  • Emeritus, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  • Educational Background:  BSc, Biomedical Engineering, Case Institute of Technology; MSc, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University; MD, Rush Medical College; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency, Mayo Clinic Rochester; Acupuncture, UCLA/ Helms Medical Institute
  • Department:  Emeritus: Department of Internal Medicine, Division: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Summary: Dr Peter Dorsher had been a member of the Mayo Clinic staff for 27 years and is the former chairperson of his department at Mayo Clinic Florida.  His 3 decades of practice focused on chronic pain conditions with emphasis on myofascial pain syndrome and acupuncture, with research that bridges these traditions as well as the contemporary concept of myofascial meridians. This research has important implications for elucidating acupuncture mechanisms as well as those involved in chronic pain states. He has over 80 publications including an acupuncture anatomy reference DVD (Primal Pictures) and a soon to be released APP database that will detail the fundamental overlap of the myofascial pain and acupuncture traditions. He has been a loyal AAMA member since 1998 and received multiple research awards from the organization. He has lectured nationally and internationally on acupuncture related topics including invited lectures at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero and 2019 ICMART conference, as a featured speaker. New publications in Medical Acupuncture and Chinesische Medizin have been recently published, and 2 invited articles for the official journal of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine are forthcoming as are multiple other acupuncture and myofascial pain related publications. Future lecture series and workshops are being planned to bring 3 decades of research into practical clinical courses.

Welcome Peter to Legacy Education!